Lost Souls

Born in to this world
Without a care for oneself
Is that how we enter this void?
There are questions asked
But so many answers passed
And we learn how to avoid 

We are the lost children
We are the lost souls
A generation on the brink
A generation in the clink

There are clouds passing 
The sky is clearing through
And are they speaking of me?
Standing there in lost time
There appears a darkness here
So why can they not be free?

We are the lost children 
We are the lost souls 
A generation of the future
A generation in a stupor 

They lie here waiting in vain 
Even if they opened their hearts
Would we see what's inside?
These are some of the questions
In which they have learned to hide
Unhinged is how they survive 

We are the lost children 
We are the lost souls 
A generation stuck in time
A generation of the mind

Liam Young



Walk where you fear to walk
Dance where you fear to dance
Sing when you fear to sing 
Talk where you fear to talk
Fear where you fear to fear 
Help when you fear to help
Listen when you fear to listen
Care when you fear to care
Feel when you fear to feel
Love when you fear to love
Give when you fear to give
See when you fear to see

by Liam Young